RC6042 Genuine Original PALSONIC TV Remote Control

This remote control is bought directly from PALSONIC and is the exact same remote control supplied with your original PALSONIC product.

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Genuine PALSONIC Remote Control Type: RC-6042, also known as RC6042.

Suitable for PALSONIC Models: TFTV3855DTR, TFTV3900DT, TFTV4945LEDR, TFTV4955M, TFTV4960M, TFTV5545LEDR, TFTV5555M, TFTV5560M, TFTV5560MW, TFTV5570MW, TFTV6042FHD, TFTV6045LEDR, TFTV6055M, TFTV6060M, TFTV6060MW, TFTV6066M, TFTV6066MW, TFTV6070MW, TFTV6650LED, TFTV6840DT, TFTV8070M, TFTV8070MW, TFTV8072M, TFTV8153DT, TFTV8157DT.

Required Batteries: 2X AAA.


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