GENUINE SONY RMGD028 TV Remote Control now substituted to RMT-TX300E.

This remote control is bought directly from SONY and is a substitute for RM-GD028 RMGD028 which is no longer available from SONY.

The original SONY remote control RMT-TX300E has all the same buttons and functions of the original SONY remote control RM-GD028, except it is missing the “RELATED SEARCH, TV PAUSE, i-MANUAL, SEN, 3D, MEDIA and Split Screen (PIP)” buttons.

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Genuine SONY Remote Control Type: RM-GD028, RMGD028, 1-492-084-11, 149208411

Suitable for SONY Models: KD55X8504A, KD55X9004A, KD65X8504A, KD65X9004A, KDL42W800A, KDL46W900A, KDL47W800A, KDL55W800A, KDL55W900A, KDL55X9004A, KDL65X9004A, KD-55X8504A, KD-55X9004A, KD-65X8504A, KD-65X9004A, KDL-42W800A, KDL-46W900A, KDL-47W800A, KDL-55W800A, KDL-55W900A.

Required Batteries: 2X AAA.

Please note that the genuine SONY remote control RM-GD028 (first picture) is no longer available from SONY and that we are supplying genuine SONY RMT-TX300E remote control (second picture) as a substitute.


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