BN59-01298E Genuine Original SAMSUNG RMCSPN1AP1 A1811700 TV Remote Control.

This remote control is bought directly from Samsung and is the exact same remote control supplied with your original Samsung product.

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Genuine SAMSUNG Remote Control Type: BN59-01298E, BN5901298E, also known as RMCSPN1AP1 and A1811700.

Suitable for SAMSUNG Television Models: UA55NU7400W, UA55NU8000W, UA55NU8500W, UA65NU7400W, UA65NU8000W, UA65NU8500W, UA75NU8000W, UA82NU8000W, UA55NU7400WXXY, UA55NU8000WXXY, UA55NU8500WXXY, UA65NU7400WXXY, UA65NU8000WXXY, UA65NU8500WXXY, UA75NU8000WXXY, UA82NU8000WXXY.

Required Batteries: 2X AA.

Please note that SAMSUNG are currently out of stock of the BN59-01298E and that we are supplying the BN59-01298D as a substitute.

The genuine original SAMSUNG BN59-01298D and BN59-01298E remotes are exactly the same remote control.


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