PANASONIC N2QAYB000746 TV Remote Control

This PANASONIC N2QAYB000746 TV Remote Control is bought directly from PANASONIC and is the exact same remote control supplied.

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Genuine PANASONIC Remote Control Type: N2QAYB000746.

Suitable for PANASONIC Models: THL42ET50A, THL47DT50A, THL47ET50A, THL55DT50A, THL55WT50A, THP50ST50A, THP55VT50A, THP60ST50A, THP65ST50A, THP65VT50A, TH-L42ET50A, TH-L47DT50A, TH-L47ET50A, TH-L55DT50A, TH-L55WT50A TH-P50ST50A, TH-P55VT50A, TH-P60ST50A, TH-P65ST50A, TH-P65VT50A.

Required Batteries: 2X AA.


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