419267 Genuine Original AWA TV Remote Control now substituted to DSE RC6888.

This remote control is bought directly from DSE and is the exact same remote control supplied with your original AWA product.

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Genuine AWA Remote Control Type: 419267, also known as 491278, 421896.

Suitable for AWA Models: MSDV3203F4D0, MSDV3203F4, MHDV3209F4, MHDV3703F3, MHDV3703F4, MSDV3203-F4, MSDV3203-F4-D0, MHDV3209-F4, MHDV3703-F3, MHDV3703-F4.

Required Batteries: 2X AAA.

This remote control is an Genuine Original Remote Control from DSE, it is the same as the remote control supplied with your genuine original AWA product.

Only difference is the LOGO on the remote control.

First picture is the AWA remote control, second picture is the DSE remote control.


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