BN59-01266A Genuine ORiginal SAMSUNG TV ONE Remote Control RMSCPM1AP1

This remote control is bought directly from Samsung and is the exact same remote control supplied with your original Samsung product.

Please note that the genuine original SAMSUNG BN59-001266A remote control is no longer available from SAMSUNG and that we are now supplying the genuine original BN59-01279A remote control as a substitute.

The genuine original SAMSUNG BN59-01266A and BN59-01279A remote controls are exactly the same.

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Genuine SAMSUNG Remote Control Type: BN59-01266A, BN5901266A, also known as RMCSPM1AP1 and BN59-01279A.

Suitable for SAMSUNG Television Models: UA32M5500AW, UA43M5500AW, UA43MU6100W, UA50MU6100W, UA55MU6100W, UA55MU6300W, UA55MU6400W, UA55MU6500W, UA55MU7000W, UA55MU8000W, UA55MU9000W, UA65MU6100W, UA65MU6300W, UA65MU6400W, UA65MU6500W, UA65MU7000W, UA65MU8000W, UA65MU9000W, UA75MU6100W, UA75MU7000W, UA82MU7000W, UA32M5500AWXXY, UA43M5500AWXXY, UA43MU6100WXXY, UA50MU6100WXXY, UA55MU6100WXXY, UA55MU6300WXXY, UA55MU6400WXXY, UA55MU6500WXXY, UA55MU7000WXXY, UA55MU8000WXXY, UA55MU9000WXXY, UA65MU6100WXXY, UA65MU6300WXXY, UA65MU6400WXXY, UA65MU6500WXXY, UA65MU7000WXXY, UA65MU8000WXXY, UA65MU9000WXXY, UA75MU6100WXXY, UA75MU7000WXXY, UA82MU7000WXXY.

Required Batteries: 2X AA.


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